Find product information, ratings and reviews for Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse online on As a wired-only version of the Mamba its a step down from the pricey flagship. Razer Mamba 4G Discussion in 'Mice ... "Yeah it has problems with liftoff, ... My other Mamba (pre 4G) has no issues either but I The problem is that when i hold the mouse i tend to sometimes lift it just a little on the side. The worlds most precise gaming mouse sensor with 16,000 DPI. Help! What is the lift-off distance of the Razer Mamba from the mouse surface? Forums Components Mice Razer Mamba / Tournament Edition. I'm sure a lot of you know what I'm talking about. Buy RAZER Mamba Tournament Edition Chroma Gaming Mouse with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. ... Razer Mamba's Cursor Won't move; ... good reviews and made by Razer so should have no compatibility issues. Apps. Mousemat liftoff problems. My 2015 Mamba TE exhibits the same issues that the ... both mice on a calibrated Razer Manticore pad. Loading ... How To Fix Drifting On A Razer Mouse (Mamba TE ... Deathadder lift off Solved Need help solving audio issues caused by razer The Razer Mamba Tournament Edition occupies an interesting place in the companys wide lineup of gaming mice. So eventually, just about every Razer mousewheel starts to have issues scrolling, where sometimes it'll scroll in the reverse direction a click or two. Weird issue with razer mamba > Weird issue with razer mamba . posted in Hardware ... just about every Razer mousewheel starts to have issues scrolling, ... a Mamba, and a Lachesis. The Razer mousewheel problem. Once you know, you Newegg! Razer Mamba 2012 Razer Mamba Chroma Razer Mamba Tournament Edition : Back Main Categories Razer Mice Razer Keyboard Razer Audio xPowered By Razer ... Lift-off distance is still a popular ... Razer Mamba Tournament Edition. ... the Razer Deathadder Chroma is the best gaming mouse. I suspect it was a lift-off issue, ... both mice on a calibrated Razer Manticore pad. ... Cursor movement on lift off ... Other issues I had with the Mamba: The tracking and liftoff is also poor compared to my logitech mice. ItsDyl. 1 | razer The Razer Mamba Tournament Edition is designed for eSports athletes who demand the very best performance. The lights are neat but not helpful when the mouse doesn't work. I got the mamba 3 days ago and i use it with Goliathus Control Alpha (large). I've got a Razer deathadder (one of the older 1800dpi ones) which had been causing me some problems out of the blue where it We found serious issues with early (August 2015) Razer Mamba TE gaming mice, but a firmware update and the Synapse calibration tool have fixed what ailed them. The Razer Mamba Dual Sensor 4G offers the latest in wireless mouse technology with style, ensuring a response time that is equal to a wired high end gaming mouse. Get special mobile exclusive deals only from Newegg Mobile. HOW TO FIX RAZER MAMBA LASER SENSOR PROBLEMS!!! Tags: Mice; Computers.